Gloria Mesa Interviews Nira Fisher of Amber Events

Grab a latte and join us for this special interview!

Our good friend and fellow wedding industry professional, Gloria Mesa, recently asked to chat with our lead planner, Nira, to give potential clients an insight of what we have to offer. The two met in charming Old Town Pasadena to talk about how our company started, the services we offer, and what’s to come.

Nira: I think the best way to start telling anyone about Amber Events is actually to begin with the history of it. A lot of people call me Amber and my name isn’t Amber; my name is Nira, currently Nira Fisher—I just recently got married. The history of Amber Events is that we just passed our ten-year anniversary. We were founded in 2007 by the former owner, Amber Gustafson. She did very well founding her company and then two years in, she needed more help. That’s where I came in! I had a little bit of floral background experience and I wanted to transition into event planning. I reached out to her; she gave me the time of day, which was great. And a 15-minute potential meeting turned into what felt like over an hour. 

Fast forward six years… there came an opportunity where she wanted to sell the company. I had grown with her for those six years. She expanded moving to Arkansas, where she’s originally from and opened up her wedding venue, which is what she always wanted to do. It’s called The Ravington. [Telling viewers] Visit Amber at The Ravington in Arkansas. *smiles* I’ve been owner of Amber Events for about three years now. Just yesterday was actually the anniversary, so funny timing.

Enjoy the full video below!

Creative Director | Sergio Anthony Films

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