These Wedding Details Tend to Get Overlooked

Sometimes the smallest wedding details make the biggest impact. Of course, your guests may recall the decorations, the flower arrangements, and the dress most easily, however it’s the little details that can make you feel most confident and stress-free about hosting this celebration. Read on for some small, but important details.

Photo by Brian Tropiano

Build a wedding website.

Wedding websites are becoming more common these days and for good reason. Having a website for your wedding allows you to provide more details that your invitation doesn’t have room for. Get creative with different pages. Share your love story, introduce your bridal party, showcase pictures of the venue, provide links to local accommodations, and even add a countdown timer! Plus, having detailed information on your wedding website may help reduce the number of calls and texts you get from guests with questions.

Photo by Brian Tropiano

Incorporate your character.

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for the aesthetic of your big day, and for staying organized. Don’t forget to incorporate unique details that show off your personality individually and as a couple. You can get creative and think outside of the box–perhaps you can organize your seating chart by something other than table numbers. Check out this outdoorsy couple who sat their guests according to different national parks!

Photo by Brian Tropiano

Gift your bridal party something special.

It’s customary for the bride to get her maids a gift on the big day. Consider giving them a robe for getting ready! Not only will they make for super cute photos on the morning of your wedding, they can later use them at home for their personal getting-ready routines–and remember how much they mean to you. Robes can get expensive especially if you have a large bridal party, but many shops on Etsy or Amazon offer quality robes at an affordable price. 

Photo by Brian Tropiano

Practice self-care. 

What are your biggest wellness concerns? Thinning hair? Acne-prone skin? Maybe you’re having trouble falling asleep, leaving you tired and stressed. Take a few moments to yourself and be honest about aspects of your personal health that deserve your care and attention. Do some research and invest in services or products that will help you feel radiant as you walk down the aisle. Opt for high-quality and long-lasting solutions, rather than quick fixes that may not be as effective. For skin concerns, consider a high quality acne treatment or anti-aging formula with collagen to soften fine lines and smooth out skin. For thinning hair, look for a vitamin with biotin and wash your hair less frequently. Use a dry shampoo in between washes to stay fresh.

These are just some of the small details that often get overlooked or set as low priority by brides when planning their wedding. These same details can also be the most memorable and make the biggest difference when it comes to feeling fully prepared for the big day.

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