Nira’s Favorites: Skin Care, Beauty, and Accessories

Hey, everyone! Nira here. If you follow Amber Events on Instagram, you know we love a good magazine. VOGUE is one of our favorites, and one from which we draw inspiration all the time.  Just as L. A. girls do, we enjoy learning about new beauty products and fashion items from magazines, blogs, word-of-mouth… you name it! I thought it’d be fun to start our own little series here on our blog, so here I am to kick things off. Below, you can find my current favorites in skin care, beauty, and accessories. And if you keep coming back, you’ll see the favorites of the other fabulous girls on our team. We’re having fun putting this together, so we hope you have fun reading!

A healthy, skin-feeding facial spray for a glowing complexion, Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir manages to be both a toner and face serum at the same time. It includes extracts of grape, rosemary, orange blossom, rose, myrrh, and organic balm mint to both minimize your pores and pep up the skin. I bought mine at Sephora for about $50 out the door. I love it so much. I keep it in my bathroom and love to spray it on my face after a shower when my skin is dewy. It’s also great to take on the plane to give your skin a pick-me-up!

AU Rate specializes in luxury handcrafted gold jewelry made by seasoned artisans. They offer complimentary home try-ons. Their products are said to be ethically sourced. Other perks include free shipping and returns, plus engraving options on their rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I just recently acquired their Infinity Ring and Infinity Bar Necklace. The combined value is about $280 for the two.  Their delicate and minimal features are completely Amber Events’ aesthetic. Next up on my shopping list is the custom engraved signet ring!

I found these badass beauties by mistake. I was at Wasteland in Studio City looking for a dress for a special outing, and staring at me from the corner of my eye were these boots! I looked… my size. I saw the brand–Saint Laurent–what a surprise. I mean, my wallet is Saint Laurent, and I’ll be purchasing their leather jacket soon. I tried them on, did my little catwalk, and the security guard at the door said, “Yeah, you should get those. The rest is history.

My hubby is absolute perfection. He came home one night to surprise me with not one, but THREE Chanel lipsticks. I asked how he knew what shades were good for me. He said it was simple–the girl behind the counter apparently had the exact complexion as me. He asked her what would look good on her, and she confidently suggested the ones he brought home. My current daytime favorite of the three is called EMOTIVE. It’s the perfect nude for me.

Everyone knows I’m obsessed with the GOOP brand. After visiting their shop at Brentwood Country Mart, the amazing sales associates convinced me I needed samples of their skincare line. I left with the Goop Glow powder packets and, needless to say, am coming back for all of their products. It’s a bit on the pricier side, which we all know GOOP is known for, but IF you are going to get anything from here, get their Glow Intro Kit. I’m telling you, my skin has been very happy since I started using it.

‘Til next time! xoxo, Nira

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