Honeymoon Ideas for Adventure-Seeking Couples

Welcome back! We’re rounding out the month with a guest blogger by the name of Alexis Lewis. She’s here to share some fun honeymoon ideas, so if you’re planning to take a romantic, post-wedding getaway, read on!

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Not every couple is the same. Personalities play a big role in how wedding day will pan out as well as the honeymoon. If you’re an adventurous pair and looking to expand your horizons, take a look at these ideas to shake things up on your honeymoon.

The Great Outdoors

Spending nights under the stars and days under the sun is just good for the soul, and even better shared with a loved one. If you and your spouse are on-the-go, nature-loving people, camping or lodging at a national park is a fantastic way to spend time together. Check out some of the most visited places in the country, like the Grand Canyon or Zion National Park, to be surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery. Go on a hike or get out on the water to kayak. This will give you a chance to disconnect from the online world and be active together. Cook at night over a fire, or together in a cabin and enjoy a romantic meal for two sharing stories and laughs. Not only is this honeymoon idea unique, it can be less expensive than other options in consideration, and will leave more money for other newlywed investments!

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Set Sail

Book a cruise that allows you to enjoy all aspects of “honeymoon fun” at sea. Dance late at night ‘til your shoes fall off, and wake up to sunshine and waves all around you. Enjoy delicious cuisine that you don’t have to prepare and different cocktails to relax. Taking a cruise together can make traveling to islands much more comfortable and convenient than traveling by plane. 

European Style

If you both love rich culture, art, theater, and history, head to the city of love. Pack your bags and your translators and take on Paris, France. Ranked as one of the top places in Europe to honeymoon, Paris will leave you feeling cast under a spell. To get a more unique experience, book an Airbnb where the hosts can offer insider tips. They will be able to point you in the direction of great local secrets and treasures. Pack a picnic for two and wine and dine under the iconic Eiffel Tower. Visit world-famous art at the Louvre. If the two of you enjoy opera or are eager to experience it, book tickets at the Palais Garnier and enjoy a top-notch performance.

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Your honeymoon is the time to turn down the workload and turn up the romance. Don’t be afraid to try something new and check things off your bucket list. And make sure you plan enough time for relaxation, as well as adventure! Happy travels!

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