The First Step to that Winning Wedding Smile

November 22, 2019

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We have a tendency to put all of our focus into diet and exercise, hair and makeup–looking our absolute best for the expensive photography package that will give us memories of our special day that will last a lifetime. What about our smiles? What about making sure we look and feel our best from top to toe for this momentous occasion? It’s time to move this up as a top checklist item for your upcoming nuptial or major event.

Come follow us as Morgan, one of our associate planners, paid a visit to Linden Dental Care, the premier advanced cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics practice in Beverly Hills, to learn more about this vital part of wedding or event prep. Read on to learn about Morgan’s experience!

When you first arrive to Linden Dental, you are greeted by two adorable labradoodles, Softie and Parker. Immediately, this puts you at ease, distracting you from the impending operation at hand. Greeted by the loveliest receptionists, I quickly learned that Softie and Parker are not just pets, but therapy dogs for emotional support. Dr. Shay, who owns and operates Linden Dental, explained to me that when she started the practice about seven years ago, she learned that there were two things that kept people from the dentist: fear and finances. After learning this, she adapted and built her practice around the idea of making people feel comfortable. Not only do they have the puppies for emotional support, the office has a calming ambience; they offer whiskey, champagne, and Netflix to their patients, all with the intention of removing the fear aspect of the visit. I must say, it worked like a charm. Unlike past experiences, I immediately felt my anxiety drift away as I spoke with the doctor about my own procedure, and the personal attention and care they extend to all patients. 

Right away, Dr. Shay explained to me the brass tacks of taking the precautionary steps and setting the timeline for your dentist or orthodontic work. For more intensive operations, such as treating TMJ or being fitted for new dentures, at least one month of recovery time should be considered. Additionally, with these treatments, the doctor will also assess if there needs to be any additional cosmetic procedural steps taken, such as Botox, fillers, or Juvederm to ensure the structure and integrity of your natural facial features are maintained. Often when patients undergo more extensive treatments such as veneers, an “even-ing out” (for lack of a better expression) needs to happen to keep a natural appearance. For less demanding operations, say, a simple teeth-whitening, clients should begin about two to four months prior to the big day. This depends greatly on the individual’s lifestyle; if you smoke, drink coffee and red wine frequently, or have years of yellowing or browning that need to be addressed, more sessions may be necessary. 

Big Smiles on Wedding Day | Photo by Alexandria Monette

I had the great pleasure of experiencing a teeth-whitening treatment myself, and I can say with certainty that it was, by far, the most enjoyable experience I have had in a dentist’s office in my 28 years. I was taken to the naturally lit (no extreme fluorescent lighting here!) back office where I laid in the patients chair, facing a gorgeous view of Beverly Hills. The doctor asked if I would like Softie or Parker to accompany me while I was undergoing my treatment, to which I immediately agreed. Softie jumped up onto the chair and laid between my legs, laying her head on my chest, and giving me an instant feeling of comfort and familiarity. Even if you are not a dog person, everyone loves a cuddle, and these pups sure know how to give one. They laid me back, placed noise-cancelling headphones on me, and turned Netflix on to Eat, Pray, Love. Was my mouth stretched open to the hilt in the most uncomfortable fashion? Yes! But it’s a tale as old as time–beauty is pain; and the distractions of the Softie, Netflix, and constant check-ins from the doctor and her assistant, made the whole procedure fly by. 

Dr. Mojdeh Shayestehfar of Linden Dental Care

While it may not be our first consideration when physically prepping for a milestone event, it absolutely should be one of the main ones. We should be putting as much preparation and care into our smile as all other surface features. If there is any day to look your absolute best, this is the one! It would be highly regrettable to look back at photos and think, “Wow, my hair looks amazing, my dress (or suit!) is perfection, but all I can see is my discolored teeth!” So take this time, while you’re preparing to embark on a new journey, to begin looking fresh and fabulous. Run, don’t walk, to Linden Dental Care and thank us later!

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