Navigating Facial Hair for Your Wedding

August 12, 2019

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Hello to all! We hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. It’s certainly been a busy one for us! Today, we thought we’d share a little something for the fellas. After all, it’s your wedding day, too!

When a bride preps for her wedding, there are many timelines floating around the internet for her to refer to, discussing things like how often to cut her hair leading up to the wedding, what makeup style to choose, when to do her hair and makeup trials, and so on. For the groom, there aren’t as many references. He likely won’t have a team of beauticians to help him get his hair styled nicely and his face groomed properly for the wedding. 

Guys! No matter your desired look, it’s important to have new shaving products on hand on the day of your wedding. Having the proper razors, shaving cream and post-shave essentials will help you nail your style all by yourself! Here are a few tips on how to achieve your perfectly groomed look for the wedding:

Jana Williams Photography

If you want to be cleanly shaven… 

If clean-shaven is your go-to look, then you don’t want to be scruffy on your wedding day, either! On the morning of your wedding, use a new razor and shaving cream to shave your face as you normally would. It can be intimidating to shave the day of, so be sure to lather up and go slowly to avoid unwanted nicks. When you’re done, finish with a post-shave cream and moisturizer to ensure your skin is soft and glowing.

Gloria Mesa Photography

If you rock a mustache… 

Mustaches are a classic form of facial hair, and if you rock one every day, your fiancée will expect you to show up with one at the wedding, too! If you’ve been growing out your facial hair to ensure your mustache is full, it’s now to time to shape and trim it. Again, it’s important to use a new razor to shave the extra hair on your face to be clean and smooth, so the mustache can take the spotlight. Then, trim your mustache so it’s not covering your upper lip and comb it out to your desired shape

Amy Clarke Photography

If you’d like a full beard… 

Full beards are on-trend, so if your wedding is coming up, now is the time to try to grow one out! Once you start the growing process, be sure to keep your facial hair neatly trimmed so it comes in long but even. Beard oil is a great product to keep on hand because it has multiple uses. If you don’t know what beard oil is, it helps put conditioning oils back into your beard after washing. It also helps the beard look smooth and neat–perfect for your wedding day!

Tony Wodarck Photography

If you want just a little scruff…

A scruffy face is a great option for the wedding; it’s casual, attractive, and offers a softer look than being cleanly shaven or having a beard. To achieve the scruffy look, you have to know how long it usually takes for your facial hair to grow out. Maybe you need to shave two days before the wedding or maybe you need a week. This is definitely a look to try out a few times before the big day to perfect it! 

No matter how you want your facial hair to look on the day of your wedding, be sure to practice it ahead of time, equip yourself with the right tools, and match the style to your haircut. We hope you’re empowered to become your own grooming professional. You’ll be picture-perfect in no time!

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