Becca & Neil’s wedding: Team Member POV

May 22, 2012

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When I first met Karter, I saw her standing at the ceremony site handing out programs and kippahs. She had a smile on her face the entire night and had such a kind demeanor. Non Jewish guests would question if they had to wear the kippah for the ceremony, and she would sweetly respond,  “It’s family request, so I’m sure they’d be happy to see you wear it”. Before you knew it, pretty much every male guest, regardless of religion was wearing them. Good Job Karter! Your first wedding and you already are on a good foot. Thanks for being there with us at Becca and Neil’s Union Station Wedding! {nira}
How did you learn about Interning or Assisting for Amber Events?
I contacted Amber after reading her posts and advice on


Tell us about yourself and how it relates to the wedding industry.
I want to be a wedding planner and part of this industry because I love it! I love making dreams come true and building and maintaining relationships with people of all types while inspiring and encouraging them as well. I love going above and beyond to make the lives of others the best they can be. I truly love helping others and helping them to enjoy themselves. I have always enjoyed events and planning them ever since I was a little girl, this is my dream and what I love to do. I love being able to bring visions to life. I love the aspect of creativity and designing something new and exciting for various types of people. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that girls and parents save up money for their entire lives, I want to make it all worth it.


What tasks did you complete for this wedding?
Before everyone arrived, I set up the seating cards for the tables as well as the tables themselves and linens both inside the reception area as well as the ceremony area. Once people started to arrive, I shifted to a greeter role, handing out parking validation, programs, yarmulkes and answering any questions the guests had. After the ceremony we grabbed the chairs from the ceremony and moved them to the reception. Once everything was set and Becca and Neil were ready for the reception, we passed out maracas to the guests to start the celebration and parade inside.


What surprised you?
The first look photography session was something that really surprised me. I’m used to the bride and groom waiting until the ceremony to see each other for the first time, but in this wedding Becca and Neil took pictures before the wedding with the photographer and each other as well as with immediate family. I had never heard of such a thing, but I know that it made for a very happy wedding party.


What is your favorite part of this wedding?
I loved seeing everything come together from the morning to the time of the wedding. I arrived in the morning when nothing was yet in place, helped bring everything together, and then got to see the final product. I loved seeing the venue transformed from nothing to an extravagant venue for the wedding. Adding the floral, lighting, decorations, greenery, chairs, tables, bar, catering, table settings, band, pictures, and everything else brought the entire event to life and seeing how you can transform an open space to something so beautiful was my favorite part of the event.


What shoes did you wear?


The uniform for the Amber Events staff is a black button down shirt and slacks. What did you do to Jazz up your look?
I always like to add accessories to my hair, so for this wedding, I added a black and white polka dotted flower to my hair to make it a little bit unique and different.


What is your favorite wedding scene from a movie?
I am a hopeless romantic; I love all the little gestures that people do for one another. In the movie, License to Wed, John Krasinski’s character writes his wedding vows in the sand and calls Mandy Moore’s character out to see it, to show her how much he loves her. They had been having a rough time with their pre-wedding counseling and almost called off the wedding, but ultimately realized how much they loved and wanted to be with one another forever. It was very heartfelt and cute. I love seeing people so incredibly happy because of each other.


Do you have any words for anyone wanting to join the wedding industry?”>.

I myself am trying to get as much advice as possible to join the wedding industry so I feel I am not the best person to give advice quite yet, but Amber was incredible and she did a fabulous job coordinating everything while also mentoring me throughout the event. I would say to continue asking questions and constantly learning from people who are already in the industry and find ways to help out whenever possible.


Final Comments:
Just wanted to say thank you to Amber and Nira for giving me to opportunity to help out on this event and learn from them. I really appreciated it!


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