Cynthia & Terry’s Wedding: Team Member POV

November 29, 2011

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Heather is such a cutie pa-tootie! I met her just a handful of weddings ago. Her fancy updos and make up perfection make her one of my favorite gals to look at. I mean, …. work with!  No really, joking aside, Heather it’s great to have you on board. Read below for her experience at Cynthia and Terry’s wedding! 

Q. How did you learn about Interning or Assisting for Amber Events?  

I recently moved from Boston to Los Angeles to fulfill my dream of working towards a career in the wedding industry. Prior to my relocation, I really researched my options and in doing so, I discovered (and fell in love with) Amber Event’s. I reached out to Amber Gustafson with fingers crossed, to ask if she had any advice on where to begin in the industry. She was kind of enough to respond with very helpful suggestions and an internship application. Lucky for me, it was a match!

Q. What tasks did you complete for this wedding? 
A. For ceremony set-up I helped to arrange seating cards and tie them on the appropriate chairs with ribbon. I helped to welcome (and keep count of) friends and family and have them sign the guest book and be seated for the ceremony. I was instructed to untie the bow at the start of the aisle (eee!) and cue the DJ to begin the processional music. The guests were then guided to the villa for cocktail hour while final touches of reception set-up ensued. This included lighting candles and double checking each table was set correctly. As the night came to a close, I assisted in clean-up, treasure chest duties, and packing up the couple’s car with their belongings.

Q. What surprised you? 

How quickly and smoothly the construction and deconstruction of the whole thing happens. It is almost magical to watch so many elements fall perfectly into place in only a matter of time. In a few short hours an empty space is completely transformed, and then just as easily put back to normal afterwards. It becomes obvious just how much time, preparation, planning, and attention to detail must go into each event. Everyone works side by side but comes together as a team on the big day and it is amazing to see it all before, during, and after.

Q. What is your favorite part of this wedding? 

After the ceremony ended, the groom’s father led the parade of guests to the villa while playing the bagpipes. The music was wonderful and you felt it deep inside.

Q. What shoes did you wear?  

Black Mary Jane flats

Q. The uniform for the Amber Events staff is a black button down shirt and slacks. What did you do to Jazz up your look? 

With such a blank slate to begin with, I really had to resist the urge to over accessorize! I stuck to my usual string of pearls, red lips, and fun pin-up hairdo.

Q. What is your favorite wedding scene from a movie?  

I’d have to go with Rachel Getting Married. The entire wedding weekend, from rehearsal dinner to reception, is full of every type of music and tradition imaginable. My favorite scene though is during the ceremony, when the groom scraps his vows and sings an a-cappella version of Neil Young’s “Unknown Legend” to his new wife at the alter. The party to follow takes place outdoors in a large tent with strands of colored string lights above and festive Indian themed décor. The vibrant, eclectic vibe that is given off is just delicious!

Q. Do you have any words for anyone wanting to join the wedding industry?  

I think becoming a wedding planner is definitely a dream job and there are some common misconceptions to be aware of. (I.e. Weddings are just flowers and lace; anyone who likes pretty things can be a coordinator!) This job is not as glamorous as one would imagine, but it is fun! I would encourage you to do your research and gain as much experience as you can. The best way to educate yourself is to get your hands dirty. Work a few weddings beside a coordinator, a caterer, a florist, etc. Be on your toes. Have thick skin! Be prepared to work long hours and be forced into high-pressure situations. The work is physically and mentally demanding and it’s not for everyone. My advice is to know what you’re getting into before you put all your eggs in one basket!

Final Comments:  

I would like to thank Amber Event’s for this blessed opportunity. I was warmly welcomed by the team and never once felt like the “new girl.” Through this experience I have grown and been deeply inspired. For this I am grateful beyond words. Amber Gustafson is simply the best at what she does. She runs the show with absolute grace and her positive energy is a joy to be around! She has become someone I truly admire.

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