Random Wine Blog, it’s February already?!

February 4, 2010

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This random wine blog is dedicated to my former clients Derek and Angela Z., who got married in October 2008. That sounds like much longer ago than it feels. It’s dedicated to them not because they gave me the bottle of wine that I’m enjoying tonight (which would have been awesome) , but because Derek is one of my Facebook buddies who enjoys a good wine and my wine blogs. So he told me about a great deal on and told me to buy some. So I did. And then I told him I’d dedicate this blog to him. Anyway, tonight’s blog is courtesy of a 2006 Havens Merlot from Napa Valley. It’s thick and heady without being too oaky the way Merlots sometimes are. It’s lovely.

On to the Randomnes:

  • My husband and I put away our coffee pot probably three years ago (and our microwave…that’s another blog)  and devoted ourselves to our sassy red tea kettle in its stead. For some craaaazy reason, he drinks tea with 3 or 4 tea bags in it and so I estimated that we go through probably 120 English Breakfast tea bags per month. That is insane. 
  • I hate grocery shopping, but I love, Love, LOVE Trader Joe’s. It’s like Joe knows me and knows that I’m overwhelmed by an aisle solely devoted to fluorescent colored canned goods, so Joe only gives me two options of black beans instead of 18. When the husband and I cook, I joke as we sit down to eat that we’re thanking God and Joe for our dinner.
  • Now that it is February, we are in My Birthday Month. Not only is it My Birthday Month, but it is also the year that I turn 30. Expect narcissism to the fullest for the next 24 days. 
  • Speaking of birthdays, my husband asked me what I want for my birthday? I told him I can’t decide between a skydiving excursion or a Roomba. That’s aside from the trip to Paris that I’m taking with my sister, of course. Oh! But, get this: so while I go to Paris for one week, he is going to Laos and Cambodia for two. My Thunder has totally been stolen. Remember when I talked about narcissism? Yeah…
  • My new website ROCKS!
  • Twenty-ten (I’m still pushing for people to say that, instead of two thousand and ten) is going to be a fabulous year. It’s only February 3 (well, now it’s 4 because it’s 12:20 AM) and I already have as many weddings booked right now as I did the entire year of 2009! And currently, all of my clients are all incredibly kind and lovely people. And really good looking. Not sure how that happened, and it’s probably inappropriate to say, but my clients are quite attractive. Not that my previous clients weren’t good looking…..oh, nevermind. 
  • Chronicles of Nathan update:  my older brother, who is living on a 20′ sailboat with a stray dog named Mattie, has made it to the Gulf of Mexico (all the way from Arkansas, y’all!). He has recently discovered, after a near death experience in a storm, that to brave the wide blue yonder, you need at least a 50′ sailboat. So he’s hugging the coastline as he sails up the eastern seaboard. 
  • I’m loving the show “Community” (starring Joel McHale!) on ABC lately. A few weeks ago they had Luke Wilson and Jack Black make guest appearances. If they would only have Jason Bateman on the show I could die from geeky-funny-guy overload. 
  • My poor geeky-funny-guy husband has been sick today so I need to go tend to him.

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