Team Member POV: Blake & Quade’s Marvimon wedding

June 19, 2013

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I was first introduced to Vanessa through our awesome Amber Events team member, Jackie Hsu. These ladies are neighbors and friends. It was great to have them both work on Blake and Quade’s wedding together and actually have Jackie show her the ropes. Take a look at Vanessa’s experience working on Blake and Quade’s wedding. {nira}


How did you learn about Interning or Assisting for Amber Events?

I learned about interning for Amber Events from a former intern, Jackie! We both performed on the same hip-hop dance team, and now she’s my neighbor. She would always tell me how much fun she had interning for Amber Events, so I had to find out for myself!


Tell us about yourself and how it relates to the wedding industry.

Well, I don’t have much of a background that directly relates to the wedding industry. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in music. In my personal life, I love being organized and enjoy watching HGTV. I have developed an appreciation for aesthetics, so assisting at weddings seems to be right up my alley.


What tasks did you complete for this wedding?

I helped to create the table settings by fitting the table runners and forming the table numbers. I also helped fold napkins; the entire team including event management and the catering company was very helpful to each other in completing all the tasks. I also helped tend to the bridesmaids as they were preparing for the ceremony.


What surprised you?

I was surprised at how relaxed the entire event was. Many times, I was just able to observe and enjoy the beauty of the space and the liveliness of the guests. Apparently, it’s never that relaxed so I will cherish this memory as my first wedding assist.


What is your favorite part of this wedding?

My favorite part of this wedding was getting to meet Nira and Lacey, the other intern, plus working with Jackie. My second favorite part would have to be that the couple served individual pies instead of cake. They were delicious!


What shoes did you wear?

I wore black, leather flats with pointed toes and ankle straps. They are from Pied Juste at Anthropologie. It was my first time wearing them, and luckily the pain wasn’t too bad by the time I left.


The uniform for the Amber Events staff is a black button down shirt and slacks. What did you do to Jazz up your look?

My accessories included a black and gold hand piece, my rose gold watch from Fossil, mismatched sparkly earrings, and a skinny leather belt.


What is your favorite wedding scene from a movie?

I can’t say that I have a favorite movie wedding scene. I do enjoy an occasional chick flick, though.


Do you have any words for anyone wanting to join the wedding industry?

From what I’ve learned so far, being able to think and solve problems quickly is a valuable skill as a wedding assistant.


Final Comments

Thank you so much to Amber and Nira for giving me this opportunity! I look forward to the next one. Shout out to the rest of Team Awesome!


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