Tips for Finding Your Wedding Style

August 20, 2018

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Happy Monday to all!

Today, we welcome another guest blogger to our site. Ashley Lipman is the Content Marketing Specialist of The Blog Frog. Below, she shares tips for finding your wedding style. Enjoy!

The inspiration for your wedding should come from your own passions and experiences. The right wedding planner can help you design a wedding that will reflect you and your partner. Who doesn’t want a picture perfect wedding? Bridal magazines and wedding blogs may suggest things you should do and even more things you shouldn’t do, but how do you cut through the noise?

The right wedding expert will empower you to think for yourself. When you look back on your wedding, do you want to remember how it looked just like the pages of your favorite magazine, or how it really celebrated your love as a couple? Planning a wedding that works for you is about more than checking things off a list. It’s about evaluating your priorities and focusing on what matters most to you. This guide will explore why one style doesn’t fit all and how you can find your own wedding inspiration.

Christine Doneé Photography

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you’re struggling to decide on certain design elements, look inward. The answers may be right in front of you. What type of clothes do you wear? How do you spend your weekends? What are you passionate about? These questions are a great place to start your search, and you’ll learn the kind of wedding style that suits your personality.

For inspiration, look at your favorite photos. Who are you with, what are you doing, and what are your favorite things about these memories? Pull a few of your wardrobe staples from your closet. What is it that makes you love these pieces so much? Whether you search through your old travel photos or your vintage dress collection, this is a great place to find the spark of inspiration you may need.

Kristina Adams Photography

Look for Inspiration

While inspiration can come from anywhere, you’ll probably have to look for it. While it’s important to look inward at your own lifestyle and passions, you can find inspiration in unique places. Every bride knows how much of a resource Pinterest and bridal magazines can be, but there’s more out there than that alone.

Consider looking to past decades, wedding archives, and even family photo albums to find elements you haven’t thought of. Stroll through your favorite part of town and look for things that draw your eye. Are you excited by the art-deco style of the local museum or do you keep swooning over the beach wedding dress in the bridal shop window? These small touches are the perfect inspiration!

Megan Welker Photography

Keep It Simple

There is a lot of pressure to go overboard with your wedding planning. The right designer or event expert can help you focus on the parts of planning that matter most, and learn when to let go if something is too much. When in doubt, look for ways to keep things classic. That doesn’t mean you can’t include untraditional elements if they make sense to you. It just means starting with a blank slate you already love and building from there.

Remember, your style is whatever you make it. You can dive headfirst into an over-the-top boho theme or just look for simple ways to add hints of style throughout your event. Create a mood or a story that plays out over the event. Styled images and ideas come together much easier when you let them flow naturally.

Miki & Sonja Photography

Let Go of Perfection

Instead of focusing on creating a perfect wedding, do what makes the most sense. Your wedding day doesn’t have to be the most important style statement of your life. This is a time to celebrate the special connection you have with your partner in the company of your friends and family. Your guests aren’t going to remember what shade of pink the napkins were or what type of wine you served. They will remember the smile on your face and how much fun they had.

As long as your wedding is a true reflection of you and your partner, it’s perfect. You can find design inspiration all around you–not just in pages of bridal magazines. Look in out-of-the-box places to see what trends and images spark your creativity. At the end of the day, the people that should be most happy are you and your spouseno one else.

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