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February 8, 2008

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I’ve just come out of a week of flu induced foggy haze and am getting back into the swing of things. Maybe I’m grumpy today but this article really irritated me. Not because the idea itself is the most bridzilla asinine thing I have read this year, but because they have the audacity to call it “the latest American-style trend for brides“. Pardon????

So all bratty bridal “trends” come solely from America now? We better get on the ball girls and live up to this reputation. How about our newest “trend” include an invoice in the invitation so the guests know exactly how much money to give? Sheesh.

Bridesmaids may have to sign weight contracts

By Aislinn Simpson

Last Updated: 1:53am GMT 04/02/2008

Bridesmaids may soon be forced to sign contracts agreeing not to put on weight or get pregnant before a friend’s wedding.

One in five brides-to-be is so concerned that her bridesmaids might let her down that she would ask her maid-of-honour to sign a written “pre-nuptial agreement”, according to a new poll.

Bridesmaids may have to sign contracts
A bridesmaid contract is the latest American-style trend for brides

Despite the fact that 61 per cent of brides picked a best friend as their choice of bridesmaid and 49 per cent chose their sister, 48 per cent would sack a bridesmaid who failed to stick to the rules.

The survey of 1,000 women, commissioned by You & Your Wedding magazine, asked women which clauses they would put in their contract.

It found that respondents’ biggest gripes were with bridesmaids who put on weight, became pregnant or changed their hairstyles before the big day.

A series of suggested clauses included that bridesmaids should not consume more than 10 units of alcohol or make any advances towards “inappropriate male guests” – or the groom.

Many women who had already married reported stories of their bridesmaids letting them down on their big day.

One woman said her maid-of-honour left her dress at a service station on the way to the wedding after deciding she didn’t like it, while another revealed a bridesmaid had left 30 invitations unsent in her desk drawer.

Colette Harris, editor of You & Your Wedding magazine, said: “Planning weddings can be a stressful time for brides and while our contract is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, the survey demonstrates that issues with bridesmaids are of concern to many readers.

“Perhaps official contracts are the way forward for brides struggling to keep the peace.”

Siobhàn Craven-Robins works with hundreds of brides a year in her role as wedding planner and has organised the weddings of celebrity clients including Joan Collins and Barbara Windsor.

“There has been a spoof contract like this on the internet in recent years but I’m not sure if the brides I know would actually use the real thing,” she said.

The bridesmaid’s contract is the latest American-style trend for brides. It follows the opening in Berkshire of the country’s first bridal boot camp for women determined to shape up to fit into their dresses.

Trudy Dixon, the director of Bridal Boot Camp, said while many of the bridesmaids that work out at the boot camp had complained about the colour or style of the dresses chosen for them, few brides she knew would resort to such draconian measures to keep their ladies in line.

“I’ve been a bridesmaid several times and if I was presented with a contract, I would suggest they found another friend to do the job” she said.

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