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I’ve been researching Guest Book ideas for a client and have quite a list of ideas to share.
A few tips: make sure that you have a Guest Book attendant to help guests sign and keep the line moving. I’ve found if guests do not sign it when they arrive at the wedding, they won’t sign it unless someone specifically takes it around to tables during dinner and asks them to. Guests don’t like that. I know from experience. If budget permits, try to have more than one to keep the line moving.

Wine Bottle Guest Book
In order to facilitate this idea, you will need a few bottles of wine as they are not very large. Take your paint pens and designate one bottle as your first anniversary, 10th, 25th, etc. and make sure to have proper signage explaining to guests what to do. Keep in mind that the more hands that handle the bottles, the more oil gets mixed into the paint and causes it to smudge. The more bottles of wine, the better….but then again, that’s my philosophy about wine!

your favorite wine and paint pens from your local craft store
(image taken from The Knot community boards)

Engraved Platter

These silver platters can be customized with your names and wedding date in a special font and then guests sign with a diamond tipped pen. Let’s see if your grandma can bring herself to scratch the silver…

PURCHASE: (image taken from website)

Quaker Marriage Certificate

This is currently my favorite idea. In Quaker marriage ceremonies, all guests sign the certificate as witnesses to uphold the marriage and support the couple. The certificates are works of art that will look very beautiful framed and hung in the home. The Quaker Certificate is a bit similiar to the Jewish Ketubah that is signed by the couple and their two witnesses with the Rabbi prior to the ceremony, however, all guests sign the Quaker Certificate, not just two witnesses. I love the thought of the guests vowing to uphold this new union. It is very powerful.

PURCHASE: (image taken from website)

Instant Photo Guest Book
These Guestbooks are fun, but require at least two people to man it constantly in order to make sure it actually works. Guests have short attention spans and need to be assisted through the process of having their picture taken, putting it in the book, then signing it.

Bea-Coup (image taken from website)
Target .

Quilt Guest Book
This idea is great if you have a quilter in the family or want to become one yourself. Provide guests quilt squares and pens and let them have a good time! Encourage them to draw pictures, etc.

image taken from

Photo Guest Book

Guests love looking at pictures of the two of you, so they have a good time flipping through the pages to find which page they want to sign! This usually causes the line to back up, but at least they are having fun, right?! You can use pictures of trips you have gone on, childhood pictures, family photos, or your engagement pictures. Many photographers will include this book as part of their package.

Through your wedding photographer
Or make your own at or
(image taken from

Wishing Tree Guest Book
This idea can also be called a “Wishing Well” where guests write advice, encouragement, or blessings to the couple. You can take it a step further and put the folded cards into a box to be opened on certain anniversaries.

(image taken from

Purchase a bound scrapbook at the craft store and all of the fun stuff that goes with it: stickers, pens, pretty paper, etc. and let the guests have a ball. This is something that would have to be set up in the reception room and a note put in a program or on a menu asking guests to please create a page before the end of the night. Photobooth companies can also be a great addition to this idea as many companies can print two of the same picture: one for the guests and one for the book.

Photo Mat Guest Book

This idea isn’t really new anymore, but it is still a good one. Purchase a large mat and have your guests sign it to then put one of your wedding pictures in.

PURCHASE: any wedding favor website
(image taken from

Typewriter Guest Book

Set out an old-fashioned typewriter with long sheets of paper for guests to write good wishes to the bride and groom as the feeling strikes. Look for inexpensive vintage machines online or at thrift stores or flea markets; they come in colors to go with any palette. After the wedding, tie into a scroll with ribbon.

(image and description taken from

Whatever you end up deciding on for your Guest Book, keep in mind that guests have to be hand held through the process of creating it. If you just put your unique Guest Book on a table and expect that your guests will all take the initiative, you might be very disapointed after your wedding.

If you have any cool ideas I’d love to hear them!


Unique Guestbook Ideas

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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