Vendor Spotlight: Trish Peng (Part II)

December 8, 2017

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It’s here! Part two of our Vendor Spotlight on Trish Peng is here.

For your reading pleasure, we’ve transcribed the interview from the video in part one. AND we’ve added some stunning photos by the talented Jordan Galindo. Read on to see what the Trish Peng brand is all about!

Photo | Jordan Galindo

Nira: How has your design eye changed over the years?
Trish: My personal style and my design aesthetic have always been very similar. The three words the Trish Peng brand embodies is ‘feminine, elegant, beauty’—classic, I’d say.

Nira: What is the most rewarding part about your career? And conversely, what’s the most challenging part of it?
Trish: The most rewarding part would be going on a journey with each bride—it’s around a six to eight month journey I go on, because it’s a custom dress. We have around three to five fittings, and I then become so close with each bride that I end up being invited as a guest to their wedding!
Nira: I know—I’ve seen footage!
Trish: —and helping them get ready for their big day. I mean, that is the most rewarding part. The most challenging part would be me having two businesses in two different countries, and trying to grow that. The inability of me being able to be in two places at the same time… that is a challenge, for sure. But I’ve got a good team in New Zealand that can handle that, and I just pop over and check in. (Smiles)

Photo | Jordan Galindo

Nira: You’re from Auckland, New Zealand.
Trish: Yes.
Nira: Do you notice there’s a big difference between your brides in each country? And the trends they’re requesting, and what they love to see? 
Trish: Yes, absolutely. I find that the New Zealand bride is very classic, simple—which is how my “Classics” collection came about. And then moving here, I’ve realized like, ‘Wow, people definitely want a showstopper.’ And so my latest collection—it combines the two, so I’m designing for the two brides at the same time. They’re quite versatile in that it’s a two-in-one—you have an A-line detachable skirt, which you can take off, and wear [the dress] for the reception. Or, the New Zealand bride might just choose the dress underneath, without the A-line skirt.

Nira: What is the one lesson you learned in college, or even growing up, that you still keep with you to this day?
Trish: I would say, to take every opportunity that comes your way ‘cause you never know where it will lead. Just being open, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who want to grow with you.

Photo | Jordan Galindo

Nira: How do you deal with criticism?
Trish: It depends on the delivery of the criticism! (Both laughing)
Nira: The source, too.
Trish: Yeah, exactly. I mean, I’m growing every day, I’m learning every day, so I’m totally open to constructive criticism.
Nira: Likewise.

Nira: When a bride comes to you, they come with different time frames of when their wedding is to come—do you have a suggested time of… six months? Eight months? A year? What’s best for you and the bride? 
Trish: We recommend starting the journey with us at least six to eight months before your wedding. It’s a process because I custom design with each bride at their first consultation. Then from there, three to five fittings, including a mock-up, so that ensures the perfect fit for them. We have brides that come in when they’re like, “I’ve got a wedding in two months!” I’m like, ‘Come on in—I can do it.” (Smiles) It’s case-by-case but we recommend six to eight months.
Nira: It’s not ideal to do the short time frame, but you’ve made it happen. 
Trish: Yeah, we even have brides coming two years before their wedding. We’ve actually had brides that have come and aren’t even engaged yet.
Nira: What?!
Trish: Ummm, we usually work backwards from your wedding day.
Nira: That is a fan of the Trish Peng design!

Photo | Jordan Galindo

Nira: Have you ever been in a design rut, where your thoughts didn’t translate and you were just—you didn’t have any ideas flowing?
Trish: With designing with each client, usually there are too many ideas that they have. Usually it’s not that I don’t have enough ideas—I have too many, but it’s my job to kind of bring my aesthetic in, take elements of what they wanted, and then design the perfect dress for them. So, it’s usually too many ideas.
Nira: So you have mothers and siblings and the bride—everyone giving their opinion, so you have to streamline all of that and actually give them a product they’re looking for.
Trish: Yeah, we recommend brides coming with maximum three guests. Otherwise, it’s just overwhelming for them.

Nira: What are your favorite things to do in your time off? Do you have time off?
Trish: (Laughs) Yes, I do. Like I said, I’m a foodie, so I like to wine and dine, and try new restaurants. Just eat, and drink wine, really. (Winks)
Nira: Or you have that in bed at home.
Trish: Exactly, exactly. But when I’m in New Zealand, that’s my down time to hang out with my family and spend time with them ‘cause I hardly see them.
Nira: That’s smart. So, New Zealand’s family time, and when you come here, there are plenty of bars and restaurants.
Trish: Exactly. Always something to do in L. A.

Photo | Jordan Galindo

Nira: What are you most excited about looking forward? 2018 is here—what’s with the Trish Peng brand?
Trish: I think just growing the brand ‘cause essentially with what I’m in, I’m growing a brand—the Trish Peng brand. And so, we’re growing into wholesale, so we’re essentially stocking in boutiques globally.
Nira: That’s amazing!
Trish: We started in New Zealand, and then we’re growing into America. Then from there, we’re going to hit Asia… we’ve got big plans. (Smiles)
Nira: Taking over the world! Oh, that’s excellent. Soon enough, a bride can go to a boutique shop here in L. A. and hopefully find your dresses and try them on that way.
Trish: Yes, that is the plan! Otherwise, I can’t scale if I’m just one person. I can’t be in two countries at the same time designing custom. I’ll still maintain custom.
Nira: Right, that will be a very nice add-on for very premium clients, I’m sure.
Trish: Yeah.
Nira: But for now, while they’ve got you—book [your appointment]. Book, book, book. 
Trish: Custom! Yeah.

Nira: Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. 
Trish: Thank you! See you next year.

Photo | Jordan Galindo

Photos | Jordan Galindo

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