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December 23, 2009

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A few months ago I had a glass (or 2…possibly) of wine and wrote a blog post called “A Whole Lot O’ Nonsense” and it kind of made me laugh to go back and read it, because while I consider myself a funny writer, I’m a whole lot funnier when I have a glass of wine….or three. I never, ever drink and work (my clients try to force drinks on me at weddings–total no-no) but this blog series going to be my sassy outlet where I talk about my life, my cats, and my opinions on things in general. I’m going to make sure that before and after these posts I have very grown-up post about planning weddings though, so anyone who happens on my blog as a first-timer doesn’t think I’m full-on batty…or a total boozer.

Tonight’s post is brought to you by Cloudy Bay, a lovely 2008 Sauvignon Blanc brought to me by my awesome clients Erin & Jeff (of the Epic Save the Date fame) all the way from New Zealand. Erin & Jeff live in Australia, but they spent 3 weeks camping in NZ before they came back to the US to have a week of wedding planning. Have I mentioned that they’re awesome? They’re awesome. This wine is light, crisp and extremely tart with lots of apple and pear flavors. It is yummy.


  • My husband building me something special for Christmas and I feel like such a lame person because all I’m giving him is the Rosetta Stone (Espanol!) and some flannel jammy pants with wolves howling on them. The wolves cracked me up. He doesn’t read my blog, so I’m not worried about him finding out what I’m giving him.
  • My older brother is, I kid you not, on a sailboat sailing down the Mississippi River with a stray dog named Mattie. He’s heading towards the Gulf then the Caribbean. He calls my parents every few days or so and my dad takes short hand notes and then sends out a long email to the family updating on “The Chronicles of Nathan“. It’s fascinating, but of course we’re all terrified that he’s going to kill himself.
  • My younger brother lives in a commune-ish sort of farm in Arkansas (long story) and is a bass player in a punk/rockabilly/bluegrass band called, I kid you not,  Cletus Got Shot. He made his bass from an old gas can.
  • I think that my family is wildly entertaining. Myself included, naturally.
  • For those of you who don’t know me personally, my husband, along with being a carpenter is the drummer for rock band Just Off Turner. He too, is wildly entertaining, and funnier than anything. Because he is a music snob, I can only listen to certain music while he is out of the house or I’ll be tormented. Currently, I’m listening to Lady Gaga. And drinking wine. And blogging.
  • This week I’ve been wasting time by watching all of the clips on Hulu that I can find on Toddlers and Tiaras. This woman terrifies/horrifies me:
  •  I busted out my sewing machine to make Christmas presents for my girlfriends/moms/sisters/assistants/etc but can’t show you what it is yet, because unlike my husband, all of these women mentioned DO read my blog. 
  • Husband and I fly on Friday to Arkansas for Christmas with the family and I CAN’T WAIT. I love going home! I fly back on January 1 for a wedding on January 2. It’s going to be an awesome wedding.
  • It’s time to go make dinner with my husband. He’s a fabulous chef, along with being a drummer, carpenter, and funnier than me. I’m a decent sous chef, so I chop things for him.

Random Twitter Post From this Week

  • I just realized that I turned into the Aunt that gives socks for Christmas. God help me.

Random i-Phone Photo From this Week

Owen helping me sew. He’s a good kitty. Kind of.

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