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January 4, 2010

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Tonight’s blog is brought to you by a heady, oaky, spicy and rich 2006 Montoya Cabernet Sauvignon that, I kid you not, was given to me by last night’s bride during her wedding reception. Laura, being awesome as per usual, went up to the bar, grabbed a bottle of wine and gave it to me saying “I want you to drink this whole thing when you get home tonight!“. I fell in love with her a little bit more at that moment. Last week’s Random Blog was also spawned by a bottle of wine from clients. I think something is happening here and I am A-OK with it.
Last night I did not drink the whole bottle, just a healthy glass as I soaked my feet in ice water at 1:00 AM and had my weekly date with Joel McHale while catching up on tivo with The Soup on E! . 

On to the randomness:

  • I spent Christmas-New Year’s day back home in NW Arkansas with my family and my husband’s family. It snowed on Christmas day so I got to enjoy going back to Little House on the Prairie and help my dad haul firewood to heat their 110 yr old farmhouse. It’s hilarious to me that it’s a novelty to me now–it was anything BUT when I was younger.  I loved spending time with my family and friends and am so thankful that they are only a 3 hour flight away!
  • My husband is still in AR since I flew back early for Laura & Darren’s wedding on Saturday. Today after I packed up all Christmas decorations, I got an impulse today to get rid of a ton of stuff that we don’t use/need to give to Goodwill. I even went through his closet and got rid of stuff he doesn’t wear. My guilt got the better of me when I tried to throw out this hat that he bought in Thailand. I. HATE. IT. but I couldn’t get rid of it because I knew I wouldn’t be able to lie to his face when he inevitably asks me “have you seen my Thailand hat?“. Damn.
  • While home in Arkansas, I tried on my wedding dress (that my mom and I made together) to see if it still fits me 8.5 years later? It does, but instead of feeling awesome about that, I feel a bit lame that I’m That Girl who’s still all about her wedding dress. But… it does still fit…..
  • I’ve been fascinated with the Myers/Briggs/Jung’s personality types and asking all of my twitter/facebook friends to tell me what they are because it helps me understand them so much better. My personality type is ESFJ, which stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. My title is “The Supporter” and in English that means “ESFJs are social butterflies that value relationships, supporting and nurturing others. Never one to shy away from social events, they are often the host. They are great encouragers of teamwork. ESFJs are responsible, dutiful, observe traditions and follow rules. ESFJs have a deep concern for others and often end up as caretakers. They are sensitive to criticism and have a need to be appreciated for the good they do for others. ESFJs are understanding, generous, have a quick wit and a knack for composition and beautification.” Find out your type HERE      
  • At yesterday’s wedding some Firemen stopped early in the day and came inside Smog Shoppe because they’ve driven past it tons of times and wanted to see inside. I gave them a tour and then offered them donuts. They said to me: “what do you think we are, Cops?” and turned my offer of donuts down. Lame.
  • I’m so looking forward to blogging yesterday’s wedding when the pictures are edited. Pictures were taken by none other than the fabulous Suthi Picotte of Picotte Photography.
  • My brother that is living on the sail boat is thankfully still alive and decided that the Mississippi River is a bit too much for a 20′ sailboat and decided to take smaller rivers down to Louisiana. He is alive and kicking in New Iberia, LA and plans to hit The Gulf soon. Pray for him.
  • My husband and I watched Baby Einstein on New Year’s Eve. Granted, we were with some friends and his sister who have babies whom we loooove, but we watched Baby Einstein none the less. I think we’re getting old. At least my uterus thinks so.
  • I think that massages are God’s way of letting us know He loves us.
  • I bought some sassy red patent leather peep toe heels today.  🙂
  • I drew a bath 30 minutes ago to make myself get off my computer. It’s not really working as I keep checking my email/twitter/facebook. I have to go reheat the entire thing now.

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